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If you’re ready to build your dream home, rely on Gold Coast Bricklaying’s expert service for your bricklaying work. We strive to consistently provide the highest-quality service at a great price. No matter how straightforward or intricate your ideas may be, regardless of whether you have a new build or are renovating and existing home, we’ll provide fantastic results.

Renovations are one of our specialties at Gold Coast Bricklaying – both interior and exterior. We can repair broken or worn brickwork, alter existing brickwork for a new look and feel, or relocate areas of brickwork entirely. Our team also adheres to tight deadlines, which allows you to execute all your renovation plans on schedule. If you’re adding on to an existing home, we can precisely match your new brickwork to the old bricks resulting in a flawless finish.

Do you need a new wall or fence? Accent your home’s features with a beautiful new brick fence or wall. Solid fences are not only aesthetically appealing; they add privacy and security to any home with very little maintenance. Our bricklaying services also covers other brick structures such as: garden sheds, BBQ areas, patios, and more! Give us a call for a FREE quote today and let the experts get the job done right.


We provide building and repairing services of brick or block walls for residential buildings (both face and common). Scaffolding is supplied to a working height of 3 meters. Rendering not included.

Face Brick:
Face brick refers to open and exposed brick walls either inside of a building or on the exterior. Many people even consider installing face brick in more modern spaces to provide a unique appearance. Aside from its aesthetic value, face brick is virtually maintenance free, energy efficient, can block sound, and is excellent for resale value.

Common Brick:
Common bricks are made with basic brick clay, with natural colour and surface texture. Each individual brick may vary in colour and texture, but are most often are red in hue, the amount of red in these bricks are determined by the iron content in the clay.


Brick or block fencing is by far the most long lasting in comparison with other popular materials such as metal or wood. Brick or block fencing provides exceptional privacy, noise reduction as well as very low maintenance requirements.
We build, render and repair brick or block fencing with multiple style options available, if requested we can also include the footing necessary.

Block Retaining Walls:

Modern concrete block retaining walls are fairly sophisticated systems that are both designed for strength as well as efficient assembly. This style of wall is designed to be set on a compacted gravel base as it allows them to slightly flex with ground movement while remaining strong.


Looking to save a brick wall or fence? Our team of experts can repair any aspect of brick work. This includes replacing damaged brickwork, cleaning and reusing existing bricks, and repointing mortar joints.

Letter Boxes:

Brick letter boxes are wonderful for withstanding weather conditions in Australia – especially during the heavy wind and rain we experience on the Gold Coast during the summer months. We have many style options available for letterboxes so you can match your custom built letterbox to your home. Footings are included in this service.


“When we bought our first home – it was a fixer upper. We had a potentially gorgeous brick fence around the property, but it was in need of repair in multiple areas.
Gold Coast Bricklaying was not only able to repair the fence to its former beauty but was able to reuse some of the existing bricks which cut down on material costs.
I would definitely recommend them.”

Roger Thompson
Roger ThompsonHome Owner

“Thank you Evan Greatorex and the team for a extremely well done job. From the outset it was clear that you are highly organised and experts in your trade.”

Amanda Frier
Amanda FrierHappy Customer

“My wife and I decided that our home was not quite as roomy as it used to be now that we have children. Instead of selling the house we decided to extend and needed someone to come and prepare both the inside brickwork but also the outside to match the rest of our home.
The job was done within our budget and finished very quickly. Thanks GC Bricklaying.”

Jim Davis
Jim DavisHome Owner